Ruth Leeson and her team at Astute Education are the best! Ruth is really wonderful. I cannot speak enough of how helpful it was to have her guidance and help throughout this long process that I started on 3rd of January 2023 till now that I have gotten an awesome opportunity in Abu Dhabi. Ruth was very caring, professional and meticulous. No matter how many obstacles I faced along the way, Ruth always had a quick solution to the problem. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, patience, encouragement, quick updates and responses to my many emails. Ruth was there all the way working so hard for me, even when I was almost giving up. I would never have been able to complete this process without her sincere efforts, cool headed and confident approach to every problem I brought to her. I hope everyone else will be lucky enough to work with Ruth and her team at Astute Education. You can sincerely feel the care, passion, professionalism, and commitment they have; they really go above and beyond for you. Thank you so much. I am off to start my new journey all thanks to Ruth Leeson and her team at Astute Education. Be blessed.